Custom diaper cakes, made to purchase. These 'cakes' are truly unique to you or to the mommy to-be's wishes and are the PERFECT centerpiece for a baby shower! Your cake will be one of a kind!!

Tell me what colors to use, a specific baby nursery theme to incorporate...sports themes, floral garden, jungle array, specific animal(s), etc.
You name it & I'll do all the legwork! I typically use Pampers diapers, in whichever size(s) you prefer...though I like to use larger sizes, like 3's, so that the cake will 'last' longer. Otherwise mom & dad will have to tear it apart soon after baby arrives to get to those newborn's or size 1's out of the cake!! I've found that this way it can be enjoyed visually for much longer.

Once I find specific 'ingredients' for your cake - I will email you photos to make sure they are exactly what you want to incorporate into the cake. You have input every step of the way and you are an essential piece in the creation of your very own, custom diaper cake!

I would prefer at least 2 months notice, prior to the date of when you need it shipped to you. This gives me enough time to find just the right items to create the cake with. My fee is $50 per cake + the cost of materials...which will vary depending on the amount of things you'd like to include. If you're located in the San Diego area, I can arrange to drop off your cake, rather than shipping it to you.

Since these are custom made, on demand only...please email me ( to place your diaper cake order.

Be sure to tell your friends & fam that you got it "Custom from Calista"!

PayPal is the preferred method of payment. Shipping & Handling will be paid by the consumer. Diaper Cakes require a non-refundable $50 deposit, which will be added to the total amount of the cake.
Returns for un-used burp cloths & tutus are available within 10 days after reciept of product, for exchange/store credit only (must pay S/H fees to return items). Diaper Cakes are not returnable.